Slé for Scope 3 Corporate Emissions


Employee commuting can account for up to 25% of a company’s Scope 3 baseline, but achieving meaningful corporate climate targets for these emissions is among the most difficult categories to measure and reduce, and has long required a novel approach to monitoring and data collection.

Slé’s corporate emissions system provides measurement, accounting, analytics, and reduction incentives for Scope 3 emissions from employee commuting, featuring:

  • The first and only direct-measurement tool for employee commuting emissions, providing a substantially improved quality of collected data.
  • A web-based employer dashboard offering a suite of tools to monitor employee commuting practices, while facilitating and incentivizing improvement.
  • All while offering an uncompromising level of data privacy

Slé for Corporate Emissions integrates seamlessly with the full Slé ecosystem, bringing the same social, gamified user environment to the corporate setting.

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